Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gardening: Scenes from Gardens Past - A Place To Sit, 2006

I read, somewhere, sometime, that an important element of garden design is to figure out what the area under design is for - its purpose. Cutting garden? Vegetable garden? Transition? Pure looks? This seems obvious, but at the time it wasn't.

I've concluded since then that the purpose of most of our garden is to sit down. Or lie down. With a book or a drink or a snack or a notebook or perhaps all of the above. In fact, I have a basket dedicated to carrying my garden toys outside with me, when I'm going to sit.

So, above  is the Bench Under The Maple, apparently photographed while I was lounging on a blanket on the ground. Behind the bench are blooming Siberian squills and daffodil and bearded iris foliage, and those plugs of green between the paving stones are either Irish moss or Corsican mint.

Photo: Mine.


  1. You do a fabulous job of finding great photos for your blog. Isn't a garden a place to have a cup of coffee?

  2. Thanks! And, yes, I agree that it is. :) That bench would probably be a nice place for coffee, newspaper, and A Baked Good.

  3. LOL @ 'a Baked Good' :D

    I wish I could lounge on the ground in my yard. I'd be too afraid of the fireants just leaving me as a skeleton on the lawn lol.

    Lovely picture :D

  4. Thanks, Kyna! And, yow, about the fireants. Our scariest tiny pest is probably the black widows, but they never come out to visit, so you can relax on the lawn.