Monday, February 8, 2010

Gardening: Scenes from Gardens Past - The Path 2006

These are April Fool's Day daffodils from 2006, growing by the path below a bedroom window. I find them lovely but dismaying - I have to wait for April to see these again?

See the small-leafed plant behind the daffodils? It's a miniature rose. Below is a shot of its very last blooms, in November of the same year.

Photos: Mine


  1. My path is dotted with what used to be holly bushes. Shortly after putting them in I tried to blast a nearby area with glyphosate. Sadly, it was a windy day. I learned that lesson!

  2. Hey... er.... TIG! Hey, TIG! Welcome to the blog!

    Oh, that's very sad. I've killed a non-trivial number of shrubs, but it's always extra upsetting when it's a sudden cause.