Sunday, February 7, 2010

Food: Wrong Food: Fried Coke

Deep fried Coke.
So I needed a Coca-Cola related picture for today's post on The Other Blog. While searching Wikimedia Commons, I found this photo.

It's fried Coke. Apparently someone at the Texas state fair deep-fried Coke flavored batter, flavored it with Coke syrup, and, just to add that last touch, served it with cream on top.

I'm frightened. And also vaguely wishing that I had a recipe.

Link Roundup: Articles (with, yes, some recipes) on this alarming but fascinating food from Wikipedia and Chiff and Slashfood and WFTV and MSNBC and SeriousEats and eHow. Many of these recipes are apparently Coke-flavored funnel cake, and don't look at all like the photo.

Photo: By Stephen Witherdon. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Cool, huh?


    OK, alarming. I'll go with alarming.

  2. Alarming is one word for it. Terrifying, horrifying, death-defying....if I say that out loud, I remind myself of Al Sharpton lol

    I'd probably still try that. :D

  3. Whoa. I don't know whether to be fascinated or appalled. I guess I could be both...

  4. I vote both. :) And, however shameful it may be, I add hungry. I love the taste of Coke. We were furious when the gas station with Real Coke Icees on one of our usual road trips stopped carrying Coke and started carrying some fruit slushy thing. It probably had vitamins in it and everything in it. Bleah.

    So I'd like to try two of those terrifying little Coke doughballs. That cream, on the other hand, is just plain wrong.

  5. I respond to myself to wonder: Are other people driven crazy by their own typo-like errors? I'm staring at "It probably had vitamins in it and everything in it" and stopping myself from deleting the comment and re-commenting with the correct "It probably had vitamins and everything in it"

    I know that you all know what I meant. I will restrain myself.

  6. Oh my...I can't even imagine what that might taste like, but I sure do want to try it.

  7. Howdy, Bo! Welcome! Yes, it's just so tempting. And horrifying. Both.