Friday, August 13, 2010

Gardening: So why do I only photograph the Before?

When we first moved into the house, I took photos of the garden. Lots of photos. As I look through them now, I notice that my photo-taking focus seems to be on the construction and planting phase of the garden areas that we changed. So I have lots and lots of pictures of areas of the garden looking like this:

or this:

But far fewer looking like this:

Or this:

The prettier the garden gets, the fewer photographs I take of it. Why is this?

Photos: Mine.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ramble: And I still don't get Twitter

I noticed today that I've produced five hundred tweets. Five hundred and three, to be exact. And I still don't get Twitter. Much.

I get bits of it. I've participated in a few interesting TweetChats, though there seems to be a critical mass factor - too few people and the chat is dull, too many and you can't possibly keep up. And I enjoy the remarks from people that I know. (But I read those people's blogs, and a blog seems like a much more reliable way to catch what they had to say.) And sometimes the conversation going on while lots of people are reacting to a television show or news event can be entertaining.

But when I consider it as a daily tool, or entertainment, or whatever it is, I remain puzzled. It feels mostly like eavesdropping on a mass scale. It doesn't have the ethical issues of eavesdropping, of course - everybody knows that their every word is available to everyone. But all the same, I suppose that I consider partial privacy and a limited audience to be an essential element of any conversation.