Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food: Wrong Food: Deep Fried Macaroni And Cheese

“I don’t know what kind of salad it is.  I’m eating a salad, okay?  I’m doing it.  Do I have to know the names?  There’s no difference between them.  It’s a bowl of weeds.  Some of ‘em have cheese.  This isn’t the kind with cheese.  Does that answer your question?”

Toby Ziegler, West Wing, Season 4, Episode 21, Life On Mars
We're throwing a party soon. We throw parties now and then. And they have food. Sometimes the food involves green vegetables. Or even leaves.

This isn't the kind with leaves.

It's called the Fat Of The Land party. The general theme is fat, preferably lovingly locally raised fat. Like, y'know, Southern Oregon cheese and butter.

For this particular dish, we're taking Southern Oregon cheese and butter and milk, adding some macaroni that comes from who-knows-where, throwing in a few other things, and baking it all into a macaroni and cheese casserole. This is certainly evil all in itself, but it calls for an extra touch, doesn't it?

Alton Brown tells us how to add that extra touch: Refrigerate the casserole overnight. Cut it into pieces. Bread them with egg and panko crumbs. And deep fry them.

I don't have a photograph, because we haven't completed the operation yet. But, yum.

(Oh, and if you wanna watch Toby, somebody posted that scene on You Tube.)

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. That mac n cheese sounds delicious! I think you should have some defibrillators as party favors though :P

    Love the quote about salads LOL

  2. Hee. :) Just to make it worse, the dipping sauce had mayonnaise in it. (It was supposed to be for the also-deep-fried Scotch eggs, but it was really good with the fried mac n cheese.)