Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Food: Wrong Food: Mo's Dark Bacon Bar

In a candy store, the other day, I saw a Vosges Haute Chocolat "Mo's Dark Bacon Bar."

You're familiar with me. You know I bought it.

I must admit that I was a little nervous about eating the thing - not out of any doubts about how bacon and chocolate would combine, but instead doubts about how exactly one could incorporate bacon into an unrefrigerated candy?

But I ate it anyway. It was good, but it wasn't nearly as weird as I expected. Good dark chocolate with a nice snap, pleasantly crunchy little salty pockets, and, well, that seems to be all. I'm not tasting any bacon.

Perhaps this is partly because my goal, with bacon, is the fat. All this praise of "lean bacon" is something that I don't understand. I consider the lean to be a necessary evil, a structural element that exists to hold the fat together. Preferably fat cooked to a shattering crispness.

But I suspect that shattering-crisp bacon fat would not be a very stable component of a chocolate bar. The bacon in the bar is probably lean, with its flavor hidden behind the dark chocolate. And that's OK with me. I love salt with my chocolate, so I'll happily buy this again, next time I see it.

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Photo: By Renee Comet. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Preferably fat cooked to a shattering crispness.


  2. Yes! It was a big deal when I realized that it's OK to ask for your bacon _well done_ at a restaurant. It's still never as good as it is if I cook it at home, but it does eliminate all that greasy chewy bacon stuff. (The one time that it was sufficiently brittle, the waiter asked if I wanted to send it back, because it looked burned to him. :))

  3. Yikes! Bacon and chocolate seem so... wrong together. Like asparagus and raspberries or honeydew and hazelnuts. (I bet there are recipes out there for both.)

    Good for you for being so up for a taste experiment. Salty-pocketed chocolate sounds okay, I suppose. ;)

  4. Howdy, Meredith!

    There's more bacon and chocolate photos on Wikimedia Commons:




    Freakish, but it looks good to me. :)

  5. I haven't tried a bacon bar, but I have tried a bacon flavoured mint, believe it or not. My buddy Dave had some and told me to try one. I did. It was absolutely NOT delicious O_O

  6. Ooh? Ooh. That's sad. But even I, who love bacon and mint, do have trouble imagining them together.

  7. Well NC is the pig mecca of the US...bacon brings home the bacon in these parts. :)

  8. So totally agree on the whole bacon thing!
    But, please hold the chocolate. Ick!

  9. Kyna, oddly, I adore bacon, but tend to dislike other pork. Well, except for barbecue - I also love pulled pork. And those little crispy ribs. OK, I guess I like pork.

  10. Hey, Tina! Well, OK, I certainly can't call you weird for not wanting chocolate with your bacon. :)

  11. I've been reading this blog and your declutter blog (I am a hoarder - it's a disease) and am so glad I found you. I'm already a fan! AND, bacon with chocolate sounds divine. :)

  12. Thanks, Christine! I feel bad about essentially abandoning the clutter blog for a while, so I'm hoping that the new direction for it will work.

  13. It's not that I don't want the chocolate with the bacon, it's that I don't want the chocolate at all - chocolate is gross, icky, disgusting! Yeah, you can call me weird now :)

  14. Tina: Oh, my! Well, I dislike enough commonly-liked things (never mastered coffee or most non-soft-drinks) that I'm not in a position to call someone weird. :) And, hey, if you like bacon, you can't be entirely weird.