Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Food: Chocolate: Sel de Mer Caramels by Sweet

Closeup photograph of fleur de sel/sea salt.
I spent some of my growing-up years in Tennessee. So to some extent, I eat like a Southerner. That means, in addition to fried chicken and pickled okra, salted watermelon. I love salt on sweet.

I also, of course, love chocolate, and candy, especially the squishy buttery kind. So Sweet's Sel de Mer caramels - caramel, and sea salt, and white or dark chocolate if you want them - are great on paper. And they're even better in person. They're fabulous in person. They're "eat them all in ten minutes and dream about more", in person.

So thank you very much, Joe, for bringing them to the Fat of the Land party. And everybody else? You want these. You really do. If you're in Ashland, just go get some. If not, well, they do ship.

Link: Sweet

Photo: by Christian Mertes. Wikimedia Commons


  1. Salt and caramel go together. There is a gelato place in downtown Seattle that makes an amazing salty caramel gelato as a seasonal offering, and small chocolate place called Fran's makes amazing little gray-salted caramels! Love them!
    The "Sweet's Sel de Mer caramels" sound like something that would curl my toes.

  2. Oooh, salty gelato sounds good. Yep, I've had Fran's caramels, and I think that these are better. Though I wouldn't mind trying them both at once, y'know for comparison. Ooh.

  3. Love Sweet but haven't had their salted caramels. How did that happen? We're going for plays in April so I'll definitely pick some up this time. Thanks!!

  4. Yes! Try some. They carry Sweet caramels (but without the chocolate coating) at Enchanted Florist, too, if you want to pick some up without going to Sweet. (That's a more convenient location for us.) I should really post about the chocolate aspect of Enchanted Florist. Maybe a whole post on Where To Buy Chocolate In Ashland, like the Where To Buy Perfume In Ashland post. Hmmm.