Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food: Wrong Food: Chocolate Bacon Cupcake Photo

Photo of chocolate bacon cupcake.

Sorry, no recipe. I just had to show you the cupcake. Just because.

Photo: By It's Holly. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. In a very strange way that sounds totally delicious.

  2. That looks very odd, but I'd try it. I like chocolate and I like bacon, so who knows. I'd like to see more chocolatey posts I think! Less garden, more chocolate please! LOL

  3. Hey, Bo! Doesn't it? I want one. I'm a little afraid to make one, but I want one.

    Howdy, Melody! There will certainly be chocolate - well, and chicken, and other fat-bearing foods. I'm trying to do both food and gardening, but I do seem to have to tendency to go with one or the other for a while, don't I?