Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gardening: Scenes from Gardens Past - Complicata 2007

Spring isn't here yet. But the photo hoard is there and available. So why not look at some?

This crowd of flowers and foliage was from late May, 2007. Low in the picture we have a Complicata rose, a geranium that's most likely Rozanne cranesbill, unnamed lily and bearded iris foliage, and a sprinkle of pink petals that are probably from the Sally Holmes rose that loomed in that area at the time. Wild violet foliage fills in, and oakleaf hydrangea leaves drip down from above. A mess, but isn't it a lovely one?

Photo: Mine.


  1. I love a 'messy' garden :P Seems like mine are always too sparsely populated. lol. Beautiful!

  2. Spring is my favorite!
    Errr, please support me in the Dare to Fail contest. Come and leave a comment at Tell me how to make Hydrangea blooms. Thanks a million.

  3. Thanks, Kyna! Most of mine is far, far too populated - I'm a bad, bad overplanter - but sometimes it produces those moments.

  4. Hiya, lili! Welcome to the blog! I wandered over to comment, but ended up voting with the general idea - that you may have the kind of hydrangea that only blooms on old wood.