Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vignette: Festivity

"I called to thank you for my presents!"

"No need, Mom, it's fine."

"The scarf is just beautiful. And cotton is so much more practical than something like lambswool or cashmere--I can throw it right in the wash with the towels."

"Actually, it's silk--"

"And the book looks fascinating. And so big! I was just telling my neighbor--she came in to say hello, because she knew that I was spending Christmas alone--that I might need a luggage cart just to carry it around and read it!"

"You said that large print--"

"Maybe I can exchange it for the Books on Tape version. Do you still have the receipt? Oh, and thank you for the candy! I can go off low carb just for a few days; it would be a tragedy to let it go to waste."

"You never mentioned that you were doing low--"

"Or maybe I can put it in the coffee room at the office. Though candy is really so unhealthy; that might be inconsiderate of me."

"Uh huh."

"To give people something as unhealthy as candy, I mean."

"Uh huh."

"Because you know what they say about refined sugar."


"Is something wrong? You're so quiet."

"Nope. I'm just peachy."

"I think I hear a tone. I don't know why we can't have a nice conversation on Christmas, of all days."

Image: By Nevit Dilmen. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. That made me smile. We've all been there. This year I got some socks off a so-called friend.

    Me: Socks?

    SCF: Yes!

    Me: And they're so ... brown!

    SCF: So?

    Mrs IG: He hates brown; really hates brown.

    Me: Brown socks? Lovely.

    SCF: (Picking up the expensive bottle of Calvados I sent for from France) Some people are so ungrateful.

  2. As an occasional blog visitor I just wanted to wish you a happy and healthy 2011!
    Keep up the blogsite - I love it!


    I mean, this isn't funny at all. It happens far to often. I know. I'm the guilty selfish one.

    Thanks for making me smile.

    - Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog

  4. Hee. I like your story, TIG. :) And, yes, sounds like next year the Calvados should go to someone else.

  5. Hey, comedyrocks! Thank you! And a happy new year to you, too.

  6. Howdy, Ladaisi! Thank you. I'm glad it made you smile. :)

  7. (Hmmm. I just left a comment but Blogger hiccupped, so if you get two, you'll know why.)
    What I said was, I haven't been around in a while and just came back to catch up and have spend several delightful minutes laughing my head off. Thank you for that.

  8. Thanks, Christine! I love the idea of making people laugh. :)