Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vignette: Recap

(Will I like it in six weeks? I have my doubts. But a resolve is a resolve.)

"I'm worried about the chicken."

"What chicken?"

"Last night. Dinner with your aunt. The chicken."

"The chicken was great. Maybe a little more salt. But it's not like she's Julia Child."

"I'm afraid it was raw. You know, salmonella."

"She didn't say anything."

"She might not have noticed."

"Then it can't have been that raw."

"Maybe she wasn't paying attention."

"Serves her right, then."

"That's not funny."

"Look on the bright side. Maybe I'll inherit."

"That's really not funny."

"You know, this could work out for us. We could invite your cousin next. You know how he's always bragging about his 401K."

"Stop it!"

"Salmonella isn't really reliable, though."

"I'm not talking to you any more."

"How about those tall flowers next to the garage? Aren't they foxgloves? Digitalis and all that?"

"They're hollyhocks."

"Hollyhocks might be poisonous."

"I'm still not talking to you."

"Do you have any relatives with peanut allergies?"

Image: By Andrew pmk. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. ha ha ha!!! Only problem is you might miss when she's gone. Or you might not. :o)

  2. Hey, Casa! (Or Mariposa? Or CP?) Yes, I'll have to consider whether the characters would miss her. :)