Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gardening: The Bloom List

I've decided to maintain a weekly list of blooms. Why? I'm really not sure. How? Every Sunday I'll drift around the garden and list everything that's blooming. Not when it started or when it stopped, just whether it's blooming or not. And I'll blog about it.

So what's blooming this week?

  • Wisteria.
  • Parrot tulips. There are just three, conveniently placed so that they block the entrance to the path to the greenhouse shed in a self-satisfied sort of way. Like cats. They've returned for several years, and I'm increasingly fond of  them.
  • Princess Victoria Louise oriental poppies.
  • Er... one of the shrubs in the shrub border. The one that isn't photinia or lilacs or... yeah, that one.
  • Last year's onions.
  • Sweet bay. Is sweet bay supposed to bloom? According to Google, apparently it is, but I've never seen it do this before.
  • Those low white hardy geraniums that make such a perfect bed edging. Except for their eagerness to march right across the path.
  • Veronica. The low perennial kind.
  • David viburnum. Himself hates David viburnum with a fiery passion. I think it's looking lovely.
  • The variegated vinca that crawls under the fence from next door.
  • The bishop's weed that rampages under the fence from next door.
  • That pink stuff. With the name that I can't remember. It's becoming embarrassing, how many plants there are growing in my garden, that I can't identify. Ha! Jupiter's Beard! That's it!
  • Columbine. I haven't planted columbine for years; I love the way that they just reappear anyway.
  • Prostrate rosemary.
  • Upright rosemary.
  • Those... er... OK, more shrubs whose name I don't know.
  • Lilacs.
  • That white-flowered shrub under the Italian cypress. The one with the little caps of tiny white flowers. 
  • Raspberries.
  • Violets, but only the ones with the smaller darker leaves. They might be Labrador violets. Or they might not.
  • Culinary thyme.
  • Creeping thyme.
  • That blue-flowered stuff that looks like bits of creeping rosemary but isn't. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and mock me.
  • Dogwood.
  • Grapes. At least, there's a tiny something that looks rather as if it might eventually turn into a bunch of grapes.
  • Chives.
  • The rose on the shed. The white one. I know it's a hybrid musk. It's probably either Bubbles or Moonlight.
  • The freakish two-tone purple irises. They're all over a bed that's supposed to contain only a specific blue iris. After repeated attempts to thin them out, they're more numerous than ever.
  • The first blue iris. Woohoo!
  • Sweet woodruff.
  • Candytuft.
  • The tall blue hardy geranium. Possibly Johnson's Blue.
  • Pheasant eye daffodils.
  • Bluebells. At least, we call them bluebells. 
  • The white azalea.
  • The magenta azalea.
  • California poppies.
  • Lenten rose.


  1. I can not wait to see it. I've got my ohhh and ahhh all ready to go.

  2. Yo, Cynthia! Come see! Bwaha! (Actually, it sounds more impressive in a list than in person. In a couple more week the roses and Oriental poppies will be going more full tilt, and it'll look more impressive.)