Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food: Random Opinionating

The correct way to eat bacon is with a fork. Limp, greasy bacon is easily eaten this way, but is not worth the eating. Crisp bacon is delicious, but is impossible to eat correctly. Life is often like that, but it's a shame it has to be that way at breakfast time.
Judith Martin, Miss Manners' guide to excruciatingly correct behavior.
Some opinionated ChickenFreak opinions about food:
  • Bacon should always be crisp.
  • Chocolate should always be dark.
  • Bread pudding should not be clogged up with raisins or any other object that interrupts the purity of the squishy bread.
  • Cheesecake should not have a crust. Or any non-cheesecake flavoring, topping, or decoration.
  • The crisp skin is the best part of poultry. 
  • Romaine hearts should really be romaine hearts. If they're dark green, they're not hearts.
  • Nothing ever has enough garlic.
  • Sweet pickles are wrong.
  • The chocolate milk flavoring that you drank between ages two to ten is the chocolate milk flavoring that will be "right" for the rest of your life. Hershey's, U Bet, Kwik, Ovaltine, Bosco's, whatever it is, loyalty is absolute and lifelong.


  1. I agree with everything but the cheesecake. Otherwise, though, we have frighteningly similar palettes.

  2. I'm a Quik girl (here in the US it's Nesquik?)

  3. Hey, Diana! Yay! It's just as well to disagree with me on cheesecake, because it's pretty near impossible to find a good crustless one. I hear that you can find them in New York, but I'm far far away from New York. The last place I got a good piece of crustless cheesecake was in, of all things, a fairly high-end Japanese restaurant.

    Howdy, Kyna! See, my tastebuds are loyal to Hershey's, so I'm totally blind to the other products. :) I wasn't sure if I meant Quik, Kwik, Nesquick, or...whatever. :)

  4. Crisp bacon is easy to eat, just pick it up in your fingers and enjoy.

  5. Hey, startupbroke! Yes - I respect Miss Manners' advice and take most of it, but I have never, ever, yet used a knife and fork on bacon.

  6. I am 100% with you except for that garlic comment. I am one of those who likes garlic, but wants to taste the rest of the food too. You sound like one of those who likes whole cloves on pizzas, aren't ya?

  7. Yo, Jess! Yes! Yes! Garlic!

    I'll happily peel. barely squash, and fry-in-butter five to ten cloves of garlic to go with just one lunchtime portion of chicken. A heap of garlic as a side dish. Yum.