Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blogging: Un-juggling (aka: Rambling Chicken is moving back home)

I had a blog. 

Then I had two blogs. Then I had three blogs. One perfume, one general rambling, one decluttering. Then I slacked off on the whole blogging thing, and slipped down to a couple of posts a month, and that's really not enough to keep three blogs warm and fed.

So now it's time to compress. I'm returning to the original blog, the perfume blog, the one with the silliest name. ChickenFreak's Obsessions. That one. It will now resume its original identity as a blog about perfume and rambling and gardening and fiction and decluttering and bacon and fried chicken.

I hope that you folks that only read Rambling Chicken will all join me there. I'll be linking from here to, oh, the first dozen or so posts there, in the hope that you won't forget about me.