Thursday, April 7, 2011

Link: Himself's take on AIFF

We just staggered back from our first day at the Ashland Independent Film Festival. Himself has been industriously blogging all day. I, on the other hand, feel up for some chocolate and some sleep. So I point you to his posts:

AIFF Day One: Snow!
Born to Lift
Blurred Vision, Happy Bird(er)s
Follow The Bouncing Ball

and no doubt he'll be commenting on the extremely disturbing Silver Tongues. All I can say right now about that one is: Yikes. Well, no, I can say that it was very, very good. And then I can say: Yikes.

Updated to add: And, indeed, you can find Himself's views on Silver Tongues in his post:

Freaky Weird Badness

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I disappeared from blogging because life got in the way, and I've been too afraid to visit your site until today because I just KNEW that when I saw how productive you had been with all your vignettes I would simply have to kill myself by gorging on donuts until...well, I guess it wouldn't cause death, but I would feel really sick and guilty afterward. Anyway, the point is that I am SO sorry to say that I am SO happy that your last vignette was written around the time of my last blog entry. Oh, how misery does love company. I'm selfish, I know, but I believe that as a part of the human condition, it has its place, along with the gluttony that will compel me to gorge on the aforementioned donuts.

  2. Hey, Happy Dog! Hee. :) I completely understand. And I'm _still_ struggling to get back into gear, so there's probably not much danger of my starting to crank out new vignettes at any decent rate in the near future.

    And, I'm glad to see you back!