Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beginning: Coffee Break

Again, breaking the block with "post something!" This has even less plot than usual--it's the beginning of a possibly surreal story, and I don't know the ending yet.

"What? What? What do you want?" demanded the waitress behind the counter, all Alice in Wonderland in blond hair and blue dress.

Henry halted, then resumed, his approach to the cash register. Er. ""

"There's no decaf. None at all. We are out of decaf."

Maybe a smile would help. He tried one. "Okay."

It didn't. Help, that is. Alice advanced on mug and coffee, over-filled the one with the other, and deposited the dripping result in front of him. "One nineteen."

Henry put two singles down at a safe distance from the spreading puddle, and watched as they vanished into her pocket. She was at the other end of the restaurant, facing the window, before he recovered himself enough to murmur, "Keep the change," and lean over the mug for a safety slurp before picking it up.

Two more sips as he scanned the available resources. He finally ventured, "Sugar?"

She flapped a hand toward the counter, without turning.

"No, see, that's Sweet'N Low, and..." He broke off as she turned to shove her way through the swinging door to the kitchen. He watched the flapping door settle, and finally tore open one of the pink packets. He was reaching for a stirrer when she appeared on the other side of the window.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Okay, I'm breathless already. Who is he? Who is she? Where can this story be going? I know, you don't know yet but I'm already hooked. Keep it coming please. :)

  2. Yo, Christine! Thank you; this was another, "Is this so embarrassing that I should delete it?" post, so it's very reassuring to be, well, reassured. :)