Monday, November 29, 2010

Vignette: Dedication

Dear Mom,

I'm afraid that I have bad news.
No. Sounds like a telegram in a war movie. He studied the screen, shaking a few more Cheetos out of the bag.

From the depths of the staircase, "You ready?"

"Hang on!"
Dear Mom,

Please don't be mad. Remember how I was worried about that paper about the causes of the Civil War? I was right. Professor Giammettei gave me a D, and it's forty percent of my grade.
"Are. You. Ready?"

"Just a minute!"
But I remembered what you always said about communicating with my teachers and how they always want the best for me. So I went to talk to him about it, and he's giving me another chance. He wants me to put more of my own original thoughts in the paper. Remember how you said that too? Next time I'll take your advice.

The bad part is that he wants the rewrite by noon Monday, so I think I better not come home for Thanksgiving. And I was really looking forward to the turkey and your six-layer cookies. Nothing here is half as good.

They don't let you use your cellphone in the library, so I probably won't get your email if you reply to this. But I promise I'll call you from the cafeteria on Thanksgiving, in between rewrites. I heard a rumor that they'll have turkey sandwiches, at least.


"Mike! You're paying the extra time on the meter!"

"Coming! Can you grab my skis, please?"

Image: By Tom Murphy VII. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Nice! My favorite thing about this is the title. Love the irony/foreshadowing of "Dedication."

  2. My favorite thing is how you've nailed the relationship! Having raised three sons myself ...

    I hope I don't get annoying to you. I just love these vignettes and feel compelled to comment.

  3. I'm probably more annoying. She doesn't even know me!

    This piece reminded me of that movie Four Christmases where the DINK couple go on exotic vacations every holiday, and when they finally fess up, the family admits they've known all along. Parents are smart, darn it.

  4. Thanks, Happy Dog! I think it was thinking of the title that made me decide to post this one. :)

    Oh, yes, I saw that movie. :)

  5. Thanks, Christine! I was wondering if the letter was at all realistic; I'm glad you liked the relationship. :)

    And, no, I'm _delighted_ for both of you to keep commenting. You're reading the posts! How could I possibly be annoyed?