Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gardening: Very Funny

"Cool, damp fall," I said.

They're predicting temperatures of up to 95.


Image: By Brian Snelson. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. We have had four days of rain. My chooks have not been happy. Today the sun has come out and they are all flat out, wings spread, sunbathing.

    And Hi - I just started following your blog ;)

  2. We all have to eat our words sometimes ;)

  3. But the winter is supposed to be harsh this year! Hope you stayed cool in the 95 degree temps!

  4. Hey, zenbaker! Welcome! I like the image of the sunbathing chickens. :)

    Yo, Kyna! Yep. :) Now, if I hadn't said that, would it have rained?

    Yo, Melody! Oh, dear. I'm ready for Crazy Weather to stop. We had beautiful summery days in late winter, weeks of winter in spring, lost all the fruit on the fruit trees, and now, in October, the roses are looking their best all year.