Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rambling: Hobby Overload!

I used to sew. Long ago. Well, not that long ago, but it's been a couple of years since I fired up the sewing machine.

All that time, I've had two skirts hanging in my closet, one in linen and one in silk noil, both made from the HotPatterns Miss Moneypenny Trumpet Skirt pattern. These were, uncharacteristically, finished projects - I altered the pattern, made the muslin, and cut out, stitched, topstitched, and even (gasp) hemmed the skirts. I even hemmed them with a little extra in the back, to account for, er, extra on my person, so that they'd hang even. Then I hung them in the closet and never looked at them again.

Until today. When I wore the linen one because the only other option was black polyester, on a summer day. And I liked it. It was nice and long and swishy, and the little flare at the hem worked just the way it was supposed to, and it looked good with my new girly sandals. And after that couple of years of aging, I was no longer aware of any flaws in the construction - at least, on the outside.

So, of course, now I want to start sewing again. Even though I just took up knitting. And there are still the 100+ books and chicken frying and gardening and blogging and the tricycle and my likely participation in NaNoWriMo and and and. And. (And now I've gone and written a post about my hobby cycles. Here.)

But I'm doomed. I already went to look at PatternReview. And HotPatterns. And no doubt I'll be looking through pattern books before the month is out. And digging through old boxes to find, I fervantly hope, that already-altered skirt pattern. And inventorying my remaining fabric and pattern stash.

Will I actually start something, and finish it, and use it? That is the issue. If I start small, I might. Like with pajamas.  Or, for months I've been imagining a Chicken Frying Coat to keep me from smelling like the chicken after I fry it - something silly, with three-quarter-length sleeves that won't catch fire, and something to tie a kitchen towel to for constant hand-wiping. I could make it in, say, blue chambray, with white pique cuffs, and applique a chicken on it...

Maybe I should lie down with a cold compress for a while.

Image: By PKM. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I vote for the chicken frying coat! I think this could become a must have piece of clothing. what's really interesting is that I am living in the House of Fabric, and as a non sew-er (without the - its sewer, not good) am wondering what something simple i can learn to make out of some of it. hmmm. is a chicken frying coat going to be a complicated sewing project?

  2. Yo, Cynthia! You never sewed or you don't sew much? I thought you were Costume Girl?

    Nope, it should be pretty easy; I figure I'll start with a really simple loose drop-sleeve no-collar pajama top pattern with faced edges. I used to have the perfect one, but if I can't find it I'll dig through the pattern books somewhere. It'd be more logical to start with a scrubs pattern, but I think that would feel all medical, no matter how many chickens I decorated it with.

  3. Hmm. Or how about the HotPatterns Tokyo Joe Top/Tunic, sized up? Hmmmm.

  4. i am costume girl because of the invention of glue guns. and one time i actually stapled a hem, yes really. don't sew, can barely thread a needle. and I think the chicken frying coat should be more retro than a scrubs pattern... the tokyo joe top could work. and chop sticks might come in handy when frying chicken.

  5. To go really retro, there's the Folkwear Belgian Chef's Jacket ( but that one looks like a Whole Lot Of Work. I might as well make a tuxedo.