Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rambling: Rambling

So, it's been a while.

I haven't really done a lot to write about. I haven't fried any chickens. I haven't planted any plants. I haven't written any fiction. I haven't taken any great photographs. I haven't seen any movies that drove me to post. I read some books, but I just logged those into my 100+ post.

I wore some perfume, but I talked about that on the Other Blog. I did some decluttering, but I talked about that over on the Other Other Blog. I read a book that made me think about my wardrobe and becoming the sort of person that pays at least a little bit of attention to how I dress, but that seemed go along with perfume, so I posted it over there.

I have gawked at the garden. Stuff is blooming. Some of it smells good. So I may return with photos or rambling about that.

So, well, today I'm just dropping by to say hello.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

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