Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rambling: The Tricycle Plan

I want a tricycle.

Why do I want a tricycle? Because I want a bicycle and I'm clumsy.

Well, and I also want a self-powered vehicle that I can use to carry quite a lot of groceries. Or plants - enough capacity for six or eight one-gallon pots would be nice. Or potting soil. Or pots. Or hauling a season's worth of plastic pots back to the nursery for recycling. Or a whole lot of library books. Or, of course, a picnic. With fried chicken. Yeah. Library books, blanket, fried chicken, and glass bottles of Coke to Lithia Park. That's a plan.

I like all the possibilities that come from increasing my non-driving cargo capacity. I also rather like the idea of becoming "crazy tricycle lady". I was a little dubious about it at first, but now I'm wondering how many of those tall flapping flags I could attach, and if bicycle headlight generators would power a string of Christmas lights. And how about speakers, or at least a multi-tone bicycle bell? Embrace the crazy.

Just to make it clear, I'm not talking about a supersized version of a child's tricycle. I won't be pedaling along in a giant Big Wheel equivalent, braking with my toes.  I'm talking about a bicycle that happens to have two wheels in the back instead of one. Something like this. Or this. Or that. I'm going to get one, I just don't know which one. Then I'll figure out how to attach those Christmas lights.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. i'm for the crazy lady trike and can even help with the lights. This will be just like a Mutant vehicle from Burning Man. You may end up crazy cool.

  2. Woohoo! Now, how about a string of lights on my cycle helmet, too, plugged into same headlight generator? Whee!

    Ahem. OK, I'll try to get sensible. Basket cargo capacity. How many gears I'd actually use. And like that.

  3. So fun! Maybe I need one of these, for I, too, am clumsy and would like to return to the world of bike riding.

  4. Yes! Falling down is Bad. And I love the Real Vehicle idea of being able to carry cargo in the back. I could do the cargo thing with saddlebags, except that's part of how I fall down - I have trouble dismounting the bike without tripping over the saddlebags. Dismounting from a stable tripod seems much nicer.